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Adam Schirling

Adam Schirling is a freelance gonzo journalist, professional hedonist, Iraq combat vet and counterculture freedom enthusiast. Originally from Las Vegas, he now resides in New England with his wife, children and a Boston Terrier he pretends to hate. View more of his work at

Resolve to Embrace Localism in 2014

The term localism can incite different reactions from different crowds of people. For some, it’s a die-hard mantra of deep-held political and social beliefs that calls for one’s involvement in a local community independent of the globalization of goods and services. For others, it is the ultimate pretention and a misguided attempt to fight against humanity’s quiet […]

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A Different Way: Cannabis for Combat Vets

No American can doubt that we are well on the road to major cannabis reform nationwide, despite numerous hindrances imposed by the Federal government to keep cannabis cloaked in the lies, propaganda and militant destruction of the failed War on Drugs. The great experiments underway in Washington and Colorado will hopefully provide us a framework […]

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A Breach of Trust

  Veterans aren’t being granted proper disability care The recent turmoil and bitter division left by the federal shutdown reverberated throughout the nation. We find battle lines drawn by anger-shaking hands on both sides over almost every domestic issue. Social media is almost unbearable in the midst of such crisis. Wannabe expert pundits squabble over […]

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