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Cathren Housley

Cathren is a multidisciplinary artist and a board member of the Peace Flag Project. Current projects: giant flags, documentary films and children's workshops with the Providence Community Libraries. Website:

US Misinterpretation: Social anthropologist Dr. Ian Clarke reacts to article on Biden’s Taiwan policy

 In a recent article in the NYTimes  (, journalist Peter Beinart raises an alarm. In it he says US recognition of Taiwan would be a dangerous move, certain to incite China to wage full-out war on Taiwan. Many in the West are deeply concerned over the current show of Chinese military force along its border […]

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Love Triangle: Her boyfriend’s married sister is into her roommate. Now what?

Dear C and Dr. B; I’m caught in the middle of someone else’s love triangle and don’t know what to do. Kendra and I have shared an apartment 5 years. Neither of us have a steady relationship, but we both date. She’s a real hottie, but she is respectfully hands off when it comes to […]

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Trying on Something New: Her friend’s gender identity is changing — how can she be supportive?

Dear C and Dr. B; My friend Donny has me confused. We’ve known each other since high school and she has always dated guys, just like I have. When we were growing up, there just weren’t as many “gender identities” out there. Being gay was gradually becoming more acceptable, but the idea of transsexuals gaining […]

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A Generational Divide: Do 20-somethings have different life expectations than previous generations did?

Dear C and Dr. B; I work at a museum and there is a collection of new college freshmen who are there doing internships. I am having a hard time dealing with them – I’m in my 40s and they are all 20-something, and we have very different expectations and ideas about life. Growing up, […]

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