Chris Meringolo

Chris somehow convinced the rest of the staff at Motif he knew how to write an article and had his finger on the local beer pulse. While this may or may not be true, the beers probably helped convince the staff his claims were not lacking in veracity. A Software Developer for a nearby cloud computing company he spends most of his days banging out code on a keyboard and day dreaming about robots to do his bidding. When he's not at work, he takes an active role as Vice President and founding member of the Rhode Island Brewing Society (, a social group dedicated to homebrewing and craft beer. During the summer you can find him on the kickball field throwing fake blood on the rest of the Providence Kickball League and leading his team, Zomboree, to victory. His favorite beers are IPAs in the summer time and Scotch Ales in the winter. Follow @evilkrumpis on twitter to witness his beer fueled adventures, listen to his hair brained ideas and disagree with his cantankerous opinions

Maker Faire: Still Making Rhode Island Awesome

As we head further into the dog days of summer, everything is becoming saturated — political coverage, scandals, humidity and of course my clothes with sweat. Many times over the last few weeks I’ve seriously considered moving up above the Arctic circle, but one thing has kept me around: The Rhode Island Mini Maker Faire, […]

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Got Beer? Book Review: Rhode Island Beer, Ocean State History on Tap

Summer is finally here and with it, early morning sun flooding in through your windows interrupting your hangover sleep, mosquitoes and unbearable humidity. With it also comes idling the days away on the beach and cooking like a piece of bacon. Personally, I could do without the sand everywhere, long lines for parking lots, kids […]

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