Greg Gerritt

Food Contamination: Our expert gives you the straight poop

Food and water borne illnesses have been killing humans since the beginning of humanity. Sometimes it feels as if humans are under assault by their food supply. Most microbes do us no harm, and are often critical to our survival. Some strains, however, are dangerous for humans and other forms of life, and others only become dangerous […]

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Letter to the Editor: ProJo Resorts to Name Calling

To the Editor, For the third time in recent weeks The Providence Journal has resorted to name calling against people who disagree with a failed economic development strategy that promotes greater inequality, makes health care and housing less affordable for residents of Providence and Rhode Island, and speeds up climate change and its disastrous consequences. […]

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Letter to the Editor: Rhode Island Has Issues, The Providence Journal Has No Idea What They Are

On Sunday September 16 2018 the Providence Journal Editorial was entitled “Rhode Island has Issues to discuss.”        One of my readers wrote to me wondering if I was going to write a response.     Everyone who lives in Rhode Island agrees that Rhode Island has issues to discuss.  But while […]

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