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Tim Lemire

Chazan! Unfiltered: Art and medicine collide in this locally produced biographical graphic novel

Dr. Joseph Chazan, like the character Billy Pilgrim in the novel Slaughterhouse-Five, is unstuck in time. The phenomenon is localized in a new graphic novel Chazan! Unfiltered, which takes a here-there-and-back-again approach to his personal and professional life story. Rhode Island’s own Dr. Chazan is a nephrologist (in layman’s terms, a kidney doctor), and while […]

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Creative Connection

Concern over COVID-19 rightfully has people altering plans for visits with friends and family. To help safeguard everyone’s health, tough decisions may be in order. With families of divorce, those decisions can be especially challenging. On one hand, there’s the pandemic; on the other, there may be a court agreement mandating visitation between parent and […]

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Art Trolleys ‘Graduate’ to Downtown Hotel Hub: Gallery Night Providence has a new home

The trolley shuttle service of Gallery Night Providence has a new launching point — one that may give even more visibility to the city’s free art tour. Last year, Gallery Night trolleys picked up and dropped off at Regency Plaza Apartments in Providence; they’ll now be rolling up Dorrance Street to the front door of […]

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