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Image via Crook Point Brewing’s website gallery.

Opening soon – Crook Point Brewing! Owner Ernie Watson has been patiently waiting for the grand opening that was originally anticipated in July. Equipment shipment delays are a major reason for the postponed opening. However, Watson says the extra time has allowed him to get the space exactly how he wants it.


After checking out the digs a few times, I have to say the place is beautiful and much larger than it appears. Watson restored the hardwood floors and added high-top tables, plus a lounge area with a couch and cushioned chairs, and long bench tables for larger groups and community seating. The bar where the taps are located seats 12. There are two areas for outside pints – a porch and a patio. The food will be served separately from the tap area.

The restoration recycled a lot of materials from the original construction. For example, the hooks under the bar for hanging your handbag are made from the old heating pipes.

The space is open and has surrounding windows that add natural light. The tap line will begin with a couple of beers and a seltzer, and the goal of a new release each week. The food menu will be designed to pair with the tap list. There will also be a mug club, which I am personally looking forward to and have already signed up for. The mug club will give club members a mug, larger craft beer pours, pizza nights, advance notice of new releases, as well as the chance to partake in contests with prizes. Visit ahead of the opening on November 22 for updates and additional information. I hope to see you all there!