Got Beer?

Got Beer? Brewmance: Impressing that special someone in your life with that special drink in your life

It’s that time of the year to talk romance in the beer column, though you might be tempted to ask what is romantic about beer. It causes gas, can be very filling and has about half the strength of a glass of wine.

Au contrair, my friends. You clearly are not selecting the proper brew for two.

If you’re in a mixed relationship and you partner isn’t a fan of the art of zymurgy, you face a challenge. But there are many ways you can make your Valentine’s evening amazing for both of you.


One of the best ways to impress your date is to cook — competently. If you can pull off a tasty dinner for two, then a nice espresso stout with a dab of vanilla gelato can be a wonderful end to a romantic meal. It’s a little more creative than a cup of coffee, and shows both class and creativity. And a little caffeine might be helpful for further nightly festivities.

Suppose you want to opt for a different flavor profile? No problem! What were you thinking, perhaps some sort of orange sherbet resting in a pool of tropical/citrusy IPA with a raspberry lambic reduction glaze?

But these are suggestions for the more culinarily inclined. If you’re hard pressed to boil water without the fire department showing up, then I’d advise against getting too creative. Instead, keep it simple, with a box of chocolates and a Russian imperial stout. The flavors should mingle and enhance each other perfectly.

If you are the partner of a beer enthusiast, then you have a wide range of options to make the night special; beer dinners, breweries and the slew of upscale craft beer establishments are at your disposal. The added benefit is this: Try to get a reservation at a fine dining establishment for February 14. Go on, I’ll wait. But at the nicer beer bars, you’ll almost certainly be able to reserve a seat.