The Not-So-Great Gatsby

Not So Great Gatsby: The Show Must Go On

Dear Nick, Spring is taking its grand ol’ time in arriving fashionably late to Lil Rhody. It’s more like “Winter 2: Electric Boogaloo” than any kind of fairer, milder, out-like-a-lamb type weather. While I am stuck indoors, it gives me time to think, which isn’t necessarily a good thing, and is sometimes more difficult than […]

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Not So Great Gatsby: Gats Rides a Made Pony

Dear Nick, To paraphrase Rakim: It’s been a long time. I shouldn’t left you without a strong piece to read through; think of how many weak columns you slept through, times up and sorry I kept you. It’s finally summer in the ocean state and along with the usual controversies that keep the local fish […]

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Not So Great Gatsby: Seeking Happiness in 2015, However it Appears

Dear Nick, I cannot believe that we’ve made our way round the sun yet another time.  As the weather blusters into town turning our breath steamy white, I’ve taken to thinking about the year to come.  As our friend Alfred Tennyson once cooed, “Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come, Whispering ‘it […]

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Not So Great Gatsby: The Diminutive Demon of Dorrance Street 

Dear Nick, Imagine this: a pudgy, tiny, toupee-sporting man hatches a cocaine- and alcohol-fueled plot to recover his divorce settlement money (as much as $500,000) by kidnapping his ex-wife’s friend and extorting the money from him. If the man refuses to comply, the tiny, pudgy, toupee-sporting man will threaten him, then hit him and then […]

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