The Hummel Report: A Metal Muddle

The four-story brick building has been a fixture between Allens Avenue and the Providence waterfront since 1899. Patrick Conley bought the turn-of-the-century building more than a decade ago, and later envisioned Conley’s Wharf as part of a plan to transform the north end of the waterfront into a mixed use area with restaurants, hotels and […]

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An Interview with The Walking Dead’s Michael Cudlitz

The question, “Who shot JR?” still resonates in American culture – the cliffhanger was a summer obsession for a generation of Americans. But not too many people remember the answer (sister-in-law Kristin Shepard). “Walking Dead” fans have been held in a similarly painful speculative limbo by Negan’s murder of someone out of 11 favorite characters […]

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Anti-Social Media

I recently posted on Facebook asking people if they’d unfriended or unfollowed people this political season over their political posts. (Unfriending leads to no further contact. Unfollowing means not receiving their posts unless you go looking for them). I knew I’d get some replies – the trend has been documented in a number of places. […]

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The Hummel Report: An Investment Is in the Sewer

The proposal was aimed at helping businesses in North Kingstown. And in 2009, voters there approved it, giving the green light to a $10 million bond issue for sewer installation along Post Road — part of a larger project that will eventually include another section of Post Road to the north and The Wickford Business District […]

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Lunar Notes

Aries: Seems like everyone is confrontational lately. They’re in your face and you’re in theirs. Some of this has been downright nasty, but the energy is shifting, allowing a little kindness and diplomacy to gain some footing. Folks are open to compromise. Use this opportunity to settle this business once and for all. Taurus: In general, […]

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