Dan Shay

A Righteous Cacophony!: Pronk! serves as a bridge between worlds

Imagine a music festival with virtually no electricity or amplifiers, no sponsors and a resounding message of inclusivity. Imagine it’s happening right here in PVD this fall, with more than 300 brass and drum wielding musicians marching down the street. Sounds good, right? This is Pronk!, our local representation of the many honk fests that […]

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Throw Wide the Doors: Open Doors RI gives locals a different view of their own state

Let’s face it: Central Falls and Pawtucket don’t get the respect they deserve. Many know of them, but know little about them. This September, we have an opportunity to change that through Open Doors RI. The two cities will be on showcase for a day, providing a glimpse into centuries of industry and the ensuing […]

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Get the Greens: Gotham Greens is bringing locally grown greens to RI year-round

Your typical bag of leafy greens starts thousands of miles from PVD. It’s grown outside in heavily irrigated row after row out in California, Arizona or Mexico. Then it’s picked, sorted, washed and packed into a refrigerated truck where it will stay for about a week, losing freshness and nutritional value as it’s jostled around […]

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