Rhode Islanders for Tax Equity Defies the Fallacy of the Flight of the Lords

Rhode Islanders for Tax Equity held a recent press conference at the Rhode Island State House and brought attention to legislation that could mean $66 million in much needed revenue for the state. The March 12th presser was organized by a number of labor organizations and social action groups and included the sponsors of both […]

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The Bet

I’d been living with my boyfriend for less than a week when he posed a playful (albeit somewhat rhetorical) question: “I wonder, how long until you yell at me for something?” I affixed an appropriate level of feigned indignation on my face and glanced over at him, hoping he’d find my lower lip pout adorable. […]

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Please Stop All This Phony Kony Baloney

Submitted by Andrew Stewart Reviewing the Invisible Children platform, anyone familiar with Africa’s burgeoning oil industry quickly realizes this is merely a power grab. The group openly supports military intervention in the region under the pretenses of a peace keeping mission. For more than three decades, Drs. Carolyn and Richard Lobban have been Africana experts. […]

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