Rhodey Robin: Six Teams from Three Cities to Tangle for Two Days

Round the roller track the Riveters roll to roust and rejuvenate their record with a Rhodey Robin against their relentlessly renowned rivalry and other revved up renegades! On Saturday, April 22, and Sunday, April 23, at Thayer Arena in Warwick, Providence Roller Derby will be hosting the Rhodey Robin, a round-robin style tournament featuring the […]

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From Introvert to Athletic Entertainer: A Woman Changed By Pro Wrestling

As someone who’s stepped into the ring many times, I can tell you it is hard to be a professional wrestler. The simplest bumps onto wooden planks over steel ribs feel similar to being rear-ended in a car crash over and over.  You have to be mindful of protecting your body and your opponent’s while delivering […]

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Sport, Society, and Soul: The Empowerment in Providence Roller Derby

“We may be knocking each other down, but really, we’re raising each other up,” says new skater RetroRocket. This isn’t her first year in Providence Roller Derby, but it is her first year on their international travel team, The Rhode Island Riveters. Roller derby is the first sport Rocket has played professionally. “There was something […]

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Catch the Snitch, Avoid the Quaffle, Stay on Your Broom!

Keeper. Chaser. The golden snitch. These terms might not sound very athletic, but they are! They’re from the destined-to-be-classic sport of Quidditch, which, for you Muggles out there, (non-magical people, that is), is the brainchild of the amazingly talented, JK Rowling, author of the Harry Potter books. In Rowling’s classic, the game consists of three […]

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