The Only Motocross Track in RI: Open to the public

Snapshot from ButtonwoodsMX track video. (Source: ButtonwoodsMX)

If you want to ride a two-wheeled dirt bike or four-wheeled all-terrain vehicle (ATV) legally, there is only one place in the state open to the public: ButtonwoodsMX in Richmond. We previously reported (“Picking on Poor People: Outlawing minibikes and ATVs” by Michael Bilow, Apr 6, 2021) about police campaigns in urban areas to crack down on such unregistered vehicles, and the state told us there was nowhere that allowed their use. Around the same time, Jordan Carlson (who also owns TetraHydro Club in Wakefield) opened this motocross (“MX”) track, which he jokingly described as “the biggest track in Rhode Island,” now in its third year of operation.

Carlson said the track is 1.25 miles long and most of it is 18 feet wide, “a full moto setup that traverses all through the woods so it’s not like all through one open field” and is a “one-of-a-kind track that you ride through with a lot of elevation: It’s got 60 feet of elevation, changes, mixed terrain, good for all levels.” There is a three-minute rider’s-eye view video of the track:at

The track tries to be open as often as possible, Carlson said, and expands its schedule throughout the summer. As of mid-May, the track is open Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. It costs $40 per day to access and ride, but a full-season membership allows unlimited access to ride for $750.

For daily riders, two-wheelers are allowed whenever the track is open, but four-wheelers are restricted to Saturdays. Seasonal members can ride both two-wheelers and four-wheelers on any day the track is open. No reservations are needed. Carlson says, “Just show up.”

The facility does not rent vehicles, althought the full track can be rented for private events. The track does not provide training directly, but “once in a while we’ll work with local pros and they’ll do classes,” says Carlson.

Camping is available for $40 per night, for people who may “want to ride for the weekend, come Friday night and ride Saturday morning, or hang out with the family after riding and leave in the morning.”

A required liability waiver can be downloaded from the website, and a parent or guardian must sign on behalf of minors.

ButtonwoodsMX RI Motocross Track, 29 Buttonwoods Road, Richmond. Tel: (401)308-3066. E-mail: Web: Facebook: