Providence Roller Derby: Riveters Revving Up for 2016

The travel team season in Women’s Flat Track Derby Assocation (WFTDA) has begun, and Providence’s A-team, the Rhode Island Riveters, and the B-team, the Killah Bees, are warmed up and excited to get back to the hard-hitting competition. 

Delta Bravo and Freak’n Awesome will captain the Riveters; meanwhile, Sis Boom Bonnie and Toni Montana will […]

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Providence Roller Derby Homes in on Empowering Women

Women’s flat track roller derby has grown incredibly fast — internationally for the past decade with Egypt, Thailand, Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates developing their own leagues. ESPN3 carried the recent world championship tournament, which instigated many media discussions on topics ranging from feminism to transgender athletes. In this spirit of community involvement, Providence […]

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‘Mr. Providence’ Represents Home City in Boxing Matches

Vladine Biosse wanted to be ‘Bad Boy Biosse.’ It’s the kind of bad-ass nickname that most boxers seem to sport. Locally, boxers have stepped into the ring under names like ‘The Beast’ and ‘The Viking.’ World champ Vinny Paz was known as ‘The Pazmanian Devil.’ But Biosse instead became ‘Mr. Providence.’ Last summer, after boxing in […]

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