Providence Roller Derby: Rhodey Robin Roundup

The second ever Rhodey Robin tournament is in the books with Providence Roller Derby’s A and B teams claiming three out of four impressive victories. The A Team — the Rhode Island Riveters — faced off against Roller Derby Quebec’s Les Duchesses in an intensely physical game. PRD’s #013 MonSwoon cashed in 109 of the 255 total points against Quebec’s 132 total points. While both Swoon and Quebec’s top jammer, Fifi Vât’Bécher (#988), jammed clean with zero penalties, Riveters’ captain Shreddy Roosevelt (#26) closed out her final game with PRD, blocking with an impressive +91 point deficit. The Riveters also defeated the Long Island Roller Rebel All Stars in a huge 442 to 19 win, which will impact the end of travel season rankings coming out soon on Dominating the scoreboard was Jane Austentacious (#1216) with 154 total points.

Playing alongside the A-teams, the Providence Killah Bees picked up a 260 to 100 victory against Long Island’s Rock-A-Betty Bruisers. In a return match from last year’s All Eight On The Floor Tournament finals, the upsetted Roc City B-Sides got a win back from the Bees in a hard-fought game with a score of 218 to 137.

The next home season game at the Alex & Ani Skating Center in downtown Providence is on Saturday, July 27, at 5pm. The double header will open with an expo game featuring Providence Junior Roller Derby, and then followed by The Old Money Honeys vs. the Sakonnet River Roller Rats. The Rats already lead the season 1-0 with a victory over the Mob Squad with a score of 161 to 199. Details on dates, time and locations can be found on the league’s Facebook or their website,