Holiday Joy Without Emptying Your Wallet

As the song goes, “‘Tis the season to go bankrupt!” Or maybe not … but you would go bankrupt if you bought everything for everyone you wanted to. So what do you do? Get creative! The best gifts are those that no one expects or someone truly needs or appreciates. 

Homemade Gifts

Have you considered homemade gifts? NOW IS YOUR TIME. And best of all, you can customize your gift to your gift receiver. You know them better than most.

If you aren’t an artist but often scroll through Pinterest in awe of the cool things made out of recycled materials, why not try your hand at it? The worst that will happen is you’ll have a great Pinterest fail story (with photos!) and you’ll read the other sections of this article.

Personal Coupons

Remember when you were a kid and you would make coupons for Mom and Dad that said things like, “Good for one car wash” or “Good for one family game night”? These coupons still work! My favorite to give my friends is, “Good for One Jax Favor.” My friends know my skill set and can use their coupon to call upon me for a big favor like helping to plan an event, making a costume, helping them move or giving them my full attention when they need it most. You would more than likely help a friend out no matter what, but sometimes we tend not to ask when we need it the most. These favor coupons make asking easy. On the sexy side, what current crush wouldn’t love a sensual massage, home cooked meal or movie marathon?

Dollar Store Gift Kits

The dollar store is a great place to stretch your limited funds. Wander around and put together a basket with items for your gift receiver to enjoy. This could be a candy and snack pack for your next Netflix and chill session or a beauty pack with lotion, soaps, nail supplies and more. The dollar store has all the supplies you need to make it look like a REAL DEAL gift basket with crinkle paper filling, containers to hold items, bows and balloons. 

Recycled Gifts

Is your gift receiver passionate about the environment? Then consider taking a stroll through the local thrift store or even your apartment. Be super prudent in your thrift purchases. Check for tears or holes, stains, crack, wear and tear or missing pieces. Clean anything used to the Nth degree. Use alcohol on a cotton swab for those tiny crevices or an additional ½ cup of baking soda in the wash for clothes. If your recipient is a good person, they will appreciate your thoughtfulness. If they suck, they will continue to suck. There’s nothing you can do about that except get new friends.

What if every time your friend comes over he tells you how much he loves that thing you’ve had on your wall since college or a weird item you scored at a garage sale? Give it to him! You’ve enjoyed your time with said item and now it’s time to pay it forward. Not only will he be thrilled, you’ll make space for something new in your life.

Remember that the holiday is not about things. It’s about looking back upon the year and the people you spent it with, and thanking them for being awesome. ‘Tis the season to be jolly. Jolly is defined as (adjective) happy and cheerful, (verb) encouraging in a friendly way, or (noun) a celebration. Let’s celebrate and encourage each other to be happy and cheerful together. Happy holidays!