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Crooked Current Throws its Hat in the Ring

Sweat dripped down my brow as I inched my way, hand over hand, dragging my aching body across the cement platform. A large shining weight hung around my neck, the origins of which were unclear to me. Masses of people gathered on the platform in a frenzy of post competition bliss and thirst, completely oblivious to my experience.

Steadily I inched closer to what appeared to be a table; I knew salvation was ahead. There was a blue sign on the table that was an outline of our beloved state with a masked gangster who could have been a Dick Tracy character centered in the middle. I didn’t know what it meant, but it was a beacon that said comfort was here. Finally, I was just inches from the sign; my long journey had ended. Fatigue held on tight, muscles threatened to tear from bone and all I could muster was a few grunts and wild gestures in response to a sudden flood of inquiries. They seemed to know what I was talking about and handed me a cup filled with a strange liquid. I drank the elixir and immediately felt refreshed. The Saharan winds blowing across my skin became a cool breeze, muscles ceased their threats and relaxed, and I shook off the fog that had clouded my judgement. As the mist cleared and my wits came back to me I remembered I had just run a 5K through downtown Providence at the Craft Brew Races. I looked around me and saw the sign that had been my beacon. I could now clearly read the text, which said “Crooked Current Brewing.”  Upon seeing the new man in front of her, the barkeep remarked that it was Immorality IPA that filled my cup and that there were other elixirs to be had. Who was I to resist?

The Craft Brew Races in July were Crooked Current’s (CCB) first debut to the public. Helmed by Jason Lourenco and Nichole Pelletier, Crooked Current is set to follow in some well-established footsteps. Through a serendipitous twist of fate and unbeknownst to Jason and Nichole, they purchased the old equipment from Bucket Brewery, which had been sold to Tilted Barn, and even moved into the old Bucket Brewery space at the Lorraine Mill, which was at the top of a short list of possible locations. I think a wise man once said, “If it was meant to be, the brewery equipment will come back to its home.” Or I just made that up – one of the two.


It’s fitting that Crooked Current is opening its doors not only during an election year, but also the same year that everyone’s favorite twice convicted mayor throws his hat back into the mayoral ring. But don’t worry — this isn’t some larger conspiracy, just great timing. According to Lourenco, the name Crooked Current “is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the state’s checkered political past.” Crooked Current is also the second name the brewery adopted. Its first was Brewery 401. Unfortunately, that name was “stolen” fair and square by 401 India Pale Ale, brewed by Stoney Creek of Branford, Conn., who sent Crooked Current cease and desist letters demanding they change their name. Rather than risk a lengthy legal battle for a brewery that wasn’t yet established, Brewery 401 became Crooked Current. I guess if we can’t have our only area code to ourselves, we can at least have our interesting history. Take that, Connecticut!

Crooked Current plans to go to market with their two flagship beers: Immorality Summer IPA and Kickback American Wheat. They’re also working on a Maple Pumpkin Stout for the fall. They’ve been talking to different distributors and hope to have a deal signed within the next few weeks. If all goes as planned they will start appearing in local bars in September. Maybe even by the time you read this. They’re also planning to conduct tours by the end of September, but no official word on that just yet. According to Lourenco, “We are truly excited about what the future has in store for Rhode Island’s newest and smallest craft brewery.” I couldn’t have said it better myself.

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Mix a Six: Notes and happenings from around the state.

  • Brew at the Zoo will take place at Roger Williams Zoo on Saturday, September 6 from 5 – 9pm.
  • The Big Toast, an event to benefit the Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Ocean State, will take place at the Quonset Point Air Museum on September 25.
  • Revival Brewing packaged up their White Electric Coffee Stout in late August. Keep an eye out for it on draft at locations around the state.
  • RI Mini-Maker Faire will be on October 11 featuring a live home brewing demonstration by the RI Brewing Society as well as plenty of other exhibits showcasing the full range of DIY that our state has to offer.