Dash Around Town: CD Review – Halfway Home

insideJacketLocal musicians David Furlong and Joe Caron have made a stunning CD, Halfway Home, which contains 11 well-produced tunes and was recorded at the Richmond Room.  A second CD is underway.

These two accomplished local “musos” have joined forces inlaying tracks (also with cameos by Laura Furlong on other strings; John Brough on drums and tech wizardry by Paul Henry) into a finely woven tapestry of terrific sounds with lite homage of C.S.N.&Y, Dire Straits, Jackson Browne and perhaps a shadow of Django. This is an awesome musical collaboration.

After several days of listening to and scrutinizing this CD, I concluded that these two accomplished local “musos” have taken a step above all the mediocre studio blend-o-matic spam being produced today, locally or otherwise.  This album beckons to be listened to and enjoyed. In the Brave New World of fast-moving technologies that put too many monkeys at the wheel, this album is a refreshing course in how much talent you need to make something of quality, no matter how long you have been around.

With a second album in the works and with Joe Caron busy with some solo recording, I expect we will be hearing more from these guys. It’s already being aired on some Boston radio stations. Let’s hope to witness the same courtesy from our local people in airing Halfway Home.