Angelo Marinosci Jr

From Wayland Square to George M. Cohan Square, Maybe Worlds Apart

I was recently invited to The Olive Tap in posh Wayland Square by our publisher, Mike Ryan, to snort the olive oil blends and do a bit of tasting of some absolutely delish-a-mondo foods (seconds please). The chef, Bre Goldsmith (, explained, “Today, everything is fusion!” As far as I’m concerned, she is spot on […]

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Art Seen: Spoken Word’s Christopher Johnson

If you follow poetry and know anything about spoken word and the art’s local action and inertia, you should know Christopher Johnson’s name. To say that Chris Johnson is a colorful and interesting guy is less than an understatement. He is energized, mysteriously humorous and a walking billboard for where the spoken word performance art thing has taken us. […]

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Dash Around Town: Hope Gallery’s Anita Trezvant, Imago and The Wilson Collection

Art Galleries in this economic climate are really small miracles that require real same, business sensibilities and luck up the yin-yang. Anita Trezvant has most of that working for her. Since she took over the Co-op and reignited the Hope Gallery in Bristol a few years ago, she has had the right navigational skills to […]

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Art Seen: Master Photographer Alan Metnick at Studio Z — ROADNOTES  “Following Jesus Crossing the Hudson Through Nothing Left to Treblinka”

Alan Metnick is a great photographer. There, I’ve said it. And if you doubt that statement even a little bit, I invite you to race out of your head space, kick off your zombie-brain and head down to Studio Z in the Eagle Square part of Historic Providence and go get yourself enlightened. See what […]

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Art Seen: Stadium Theatre Performing Arts Center — the Pride of Woonsocket

At the start of my professional life I had the opportunity to work at Trinity Square Theatre, building scenery designed by a world-renowned set designer: Eugene Lee. Lucky me! Theater offers so much in the way of great positive interaction with other creatives all working toward one common goal. It’s a vast soup poured into […]

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