Fine Arts

Dash Around Town: Gallery Night


Federal Hill shows its colors at Providence’s art crawl

As most humans know, Gallery Night in Providence is a blast with busloads of art enthusiasts staging art attacks at various shows. I hit two galleries on September 20 that were holding openings. They were held at the Gallery Z and the Chabot Fine Art. The Z had the work of three artists; Ian Mohon showed medium-sized, well-crafted and playful paintings of the figure. They were very original and handsome looking. Bob Dilworth had large, ornate expressionistic and colorful paintings; kind of Deco meets Baroque. Julian Penrose is displaying those delicious and nicely built constructions of found objects, alla’ Picasso. My son has a Penrose in his room and seeing this work for the first time inspired my son to making his own. This is a well-balanced and fun show to see and runs through October 12.

The Chabot has work by Edwin Wilwayco. He displays paintings that are filled with movement and energy, yet retain logic and balance. The show is titled In Natures Realm II, and it runs toward the end of the month. The work is mature and abstract, which demonstrates a keen understanding of painting. The next show there will be Lee Chabot himself with new work, “A Visual Narrative,” which runs through October 19.

Both Gallery Z and the Chabot Gallery are located on Atwells Avenue in the historic Federal Hill district of Providence.