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Dash Around Town – Dias Photos at the Hairspray

logo_only2This old beatnik likes hitting those little out-of-the-way areas that function as a business and a show area — gallery space that allows local art types the access to a wall that perhaps they would not have otherwise. The Hairspray Salon on 259 Wickenden Street does exactly that. It allows artists to hang and display work of different types. Presently you can see the photographs of Earle Dias of nearby Rehoboth. It’s mostly scenery. Some is local work, some are from the old world. All are pictorial in nature and not very complicated or conceptual. The pictures are pretty straight forward and not intended as an academic singular (unified) body of work or ideas, but more like a sampling of his photographic activities.  I have long ago abandoned any notions about “high art” or “low art” and try to see what I see and make sense of it.  Though I prefer and enjoy intense and serious work in photography, I have learned that most people do not and therefore, in many ways, the popularity of the images may deal more with comfort zones than concepts. And so be it.  Go check out this work, which will be on view through the holidays, and visit the nice people at this salon. By the way, they are considered one of the best places for a hair adjustment. Tell Luz Angelo sends his best regards.