Downtown Goes Derby

For the first time since 2009, the wheels of Providence Roller Derby will once again be rolling on The Providence Rink at the Bank of America City Center. On August 23, the second game of the home season will be played between The Old Money Honeys and The Mob Squad. Then the Honeys will take on The Sakonnet River Roller Rats on September 13.

Going from indoor to outdoor skating rinks is a complete change of atmosphere and environment for fans and for the skaters.

“The surface is actually great for skating, with the only drawback being that it requires slightly more push to go faster,” said Rhoda Perdition of the Old Money Honeys. “There is exactly no give to it, though, so when we fall, we fall hard!”

Even changing to the outdoor rink requires a complete change of equipment and additional attire.

“The crappiest wheels possible, because the concrete eats them up like an industrial grinder. It also works great for removing skin from our bodies, so we tend to wear more spandex than usual,” said Rhoda.

However, the tough roller derby girls overcome those challenges with the help from the fans new and old.

“The energy at an outdoor bout is completely different and better. There’s just something about outdoor sports that gets the crowd more involved,” said Sis Boom Bonnie of the Sakonnet River Roller Rats. “I’ve bouted in roller skating rinks, arenas and warehouses, but the Bank of America Center is by far my favorite place to play derby. Because it’s located in the heart of Providence, there is a real sense of community at BOA bouts. It’s also a time for passersby to discover roller derby for the first time and that’s always exciting.”

Tickets for both events are available at: