EDM Events to Swap That Winter Chill with Smokin’ Hot Electronic Vibes

Congratulations, friends and strangers alike: We’ve made it through the bulk of the coldest season here in RI! Fortunately for us, there are several EDM events happening locally over the next few weeks to help thaw our still-winter-bound bones and warm our electronic-loving souls.

Friday, February 19, producer Brightside will perform at The Spot in Providence. The Queens native, who creates mostly mid-tempo mixes composed of all types of musical samples, strives to touch upon a wide array of sounds in an effort to reach the most people — all while weaving a sonic storyline of worldy (ie, everything from Middle Eastern to reggae to classic rock) flavor. At The Spot, Brightside will be joined by other acts Levitation Jones, Tsimba and Toadface.

If drum ‘n’ bass or harder-sounding music is more your style, then you’ll want to hit up Therapy on the 19th instead. That’s because that’s the night that Total Science, AKA Jason Greenhalgh and Paul Smith, will be tearing shit up at Providence’s only afterhours venue for a night of “Physical Therapy.” Hey, even if you decide to stop by The Spot that night, you can totally swing through Therapy later — and you won’t regret it. Hailing all the way from England, Total Science has been order viagra on the scene for more than 20 years, so you know they’re doing something right. Physical Therapy also will feature a few local acts, including Mike Skillz (from DJ Venom’s Morlok Musik label), Tom B Ill and Huge (Funky Comm).


If a lighter, house-ier vibe is what you crave, then Rebel Lounge should be your destination on Saturday, February 27. That’s when New York’s DJ Chachi will be spinning at the fairly new Providence nightclub. From the sounds of Chachi’s progressive house rhythms, and considering the intimacy of the setting, attending this show could be likened to going to a fun dance party with your friends (Don’t you love it when a dance floor is packed?).