Video Screening Series: Every type of music descends on Dusk

We had metal. We had opera. We had Latin music. We had folk, and pop, post-pop and pre-pop and some videos about music theory. But most of all, we had a great screening night, mixing the visual and auditory through a spate of over 20 music videos that gave a truly impressive cross-section of the musical talent lying in wait around our little state. “The production value really surprised me,” and “This was an amazing reminder of how much exceptional talent we have right here in RI,” were two of the feedback comments gathered during a QA with filmmakers and musicians at the end of the night.

Over 50 appreciators of music, or music videos, or videos, gathered at Dusk in PVD to experience these overlapping art forms. Recent Overall Favorite Bartender Award-winner Danielle Tellier was coincidentally slinging gourmet-level drinks, while Puggles brought the grilled cheese and dogs and sponsor Jade Sisti brought the popcorn maker, all while videos were projected, 40-feet high, outside the club in perfect fall weather.


The evening featured work by local legends like NOVA ONE, SexCoffee, Amanda Salemi, Lauren King, High Planes and Big Nazo. And audience voting was all over the place, with a pop tune set in a time warp by Scout Lyons, an original opera about the loneliness of quarantine by Skycam Films, and a gamble of a video by Ravi Shavi taking home top honors (and some snazzy gift certificates along with some Smoke Lab vodka) over a ten-way tie for fourth place.

It was Motif’s last outdoor screening for the year, in a summer that included various collaborations with SENEFest, PVDFest, PVD Horror and the Rhode Island International Film Festival. Our screening series continues for the next few months indoors at R1 Indoor Karting‘s screening hall, in the close-to-PVD part of Lincoln (100 Higginson Ave). The October edition, on Wednesday, Oct 19, will feature sci-fi and some scary films, in collaboration with the Vortex Sci-Fi and Horror Fest produced by Fickers. Also on board will be Halloween-themed vendors from PVDHorror and a Halloween costume contest with prizes that are sure to include cash, R1 Goodies, Jerry’s Artarama gifts and some Smoke Lab Vodka. And probably more stuff we’ll scare up after press time.