Food Truck Profile: Presto Strange-O coffee

Presto Strange-O coffee truck
Presto Strange-O coffee truck

Rhode Island’s gotta have it: Whether it’s at home, at work or any one of the hundreds of shops around the state, coffee is one of the state’s top obsessions. If you’re one of those people who say “Don’t talk to me in the morning until I have my coffee,” then do we have the food truck for you. Unique even among its cuisine mobiles, Presto Strange-O brews a mean cup of joe that ranks with the best of them, not for the Dunkin Donuts faint of heart.

Presto Strange-O is the love child of Jessica and Jason Case, the owners and operators. They’re two native Rhode Islanders with a big love for a cup of mud. Jason had more than ten years experience in the coffee industry and was looking to open his own shop. He and Jessica met while both were working in the film and television industry, and they both decided to partner up and go for it.

“Another great thing about a truck,” they wrote over email. “Is the ability to go where people are, instead of having to wait for them to come to you.”

Presto Strange-O coffee truck
Presto Strange-O coffee truck

You’ve probably seen the steel-and-black-colored truck zipping around with a proud Rhode Island anchor logo emblazoned on the door. Presto maintains a pretty full schedule May to September, where they can found at weekly events such as the Providence Flea (every Sunday 10am-4pm, 345 South Water St) and Food Truck Sunday at Hot Club (575 South Water St). This year they’re expanding beyond PVD to food truck events in Warwick. Though their main season is during the summer, the rest of the year Jessica and Jason try to hit as many events in Li’l Rhody as possible.

Presto Strange-O takes great pride in being from the littlest state in the union, and they show it in their coffee menu. They have an Iced Coffee Milk Latte to reflect our official state drink and an item called Rocky Point Hot Cocoa. They maintain a large variety of coffee drinks to suit any aficionado’s palette: Whether you take yours black, cream and sugar, hot, iced or whatever your preference, Presto will make it. Their menu also has options for the non-coffee drinker heathens out there, including lemonade and smoothies, perfect for that summer-loving weather.

Unlike most of the big coffee chains or even some of the local shops, Presto Strange-O remains competitively priced by being owner-operated. Jessica and Jason take great pride in making the coffee for customers, getting questions and feedback, and doing everything they can to make sure every experience is a great one. Try getting that in a Dunkin or Starbucks drive-thru.

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