2018 Food Truck Awards


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It takes a lot of drive to launch a truck, and determination to keep one running. To honor these efforts and the joy they bring to stomachs and taste buds throughout the region, we’ve worked with locally based, nationally deployed food truck tracker FoodTrucksIn.com to celebrate this distinctive culinary niche – a niche known for the cooperation between its members as well as for creating great food. Nearly 700 people voted for their favorite food trucks, and the results are in.

Here’s a video from the first year


The event is sponsored by National Sound Studio, Skyline, Providence Food Truck Events and Narragansett Beer. The Food Truck Awards were produced as a collaboration between Motif Magazine and Food Trucks In RI.

2018 Food Truck Award Winners

Favorite Truck 2018
Friskie Fries
Runner-Up Favorite Truck 2018
Poppy’s Waffles
Favorite Burger/ Slider
Haven Brothers
Favorite Grilled Cheese
Championship Melt
Favorite Chicken Wings
Citizen Wing
Favorite French Fries
Friskie Fries
Favorite Hot Dogs / Sausages
Favorite BBQ
GottaQ BBQ Food Truck & Catering
Favorite Pizza
Jeff’s Wood Fired Pizza
Favorite Sandwich-like Object
Noble Knots
Favorite Tacos
Poco Loco Tacos
Favorite Other Ethnic
Buddha Belly
Favorite Dessert
JoJo’s Cupcakes
Favorite Frozen Dessert
Del’s Lemonade
Favorite Vegan /Vegetarian Options
Like No Udder
Favorite Portable Not-A-Truck
Favorite Coffee / Beverage Truck
Presto Strange O Coffee Truck
Favorite Late Night Truck
Haven Brothers
Best Graphics
Friskie Fries
Favorite Winter Warrior
Poppy’s Waffles
Favorite New Truck
Poppy’s Waffles
Achievement Award
Presented to retiring TV Chef Frank Terranova
Favorite Food Truck with Storefront
Friskie Fries
Favorite Location / Festival
Food Truck Fridays at Carousel Village
Favorite Farmer’s Market
Hope Village / Hope Street Market (Pawtucket)
Favorite Outdoor Treat
Iggy’s Doughboys
Favorite Locally Produced Food Carried in Stores or Trucks
Yacht Club Soda
Favorite Mobile Pop Up
The Burgundian
Best Overhaul
Rhody Roots
Best Truck on a Bike
Tricycle Ice Cream



Nick Lefebrve from Citizen Wing, winner of Favorite Chicken Wings
Drew Cordeiro from Championship Melt, winner of Favorite Grilled Cheese
Shane Matlock from The Burgundian, winner of Favorite Mobile Pop Up
Owen Doyle from Gastros, winner of Favorite Hot Dogs and Sausages, and Favorite Portable Not-A-Truck
Steve Gilman from Poppy’s Waffles, winner of Runner Up Favorite Truck 2018, Favorite Winter Warrior, and Favorite New Truck
Cassie Cruz from Rhody Roots, winner of Best Overhaul
Chef Frank Terranova, winner of the Achievement Award
Alan Masterson from Poco Loco Tacos, winner of Favorite Tacos
Tom Wright from Friskie Fries, winner of Favorite Truck 2018, Favorite French Fries, Best Graphics, and Favorite Food Truck with a Storefront
Representative from FoodTrucksIn., winner of Favorite Location/Festival

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