Get Ready To Celebrate!: PVDFest brings local and international talent to the Creative Capital

If you’re looking to be immersed in a wide variety of live performances in the heart of Providence, PVDFest is definitely the place for you – a rare opportunity to stroll downtown, perhaps with a beverage in hand, without feeling like a target for motorists. Outdoor entertainment can be found around every quirky corner. 

This year, the organizers of PVDFest, including local nonprofit arts organization FirstWorks, have gathered tons of renowned international groups to perform, and entertain attendees. Musicians like the Rebirth Brass Band, Kermit Ruffins from New Orleans, eight-time Grammy-winner Eddie Palmieri & his Salsa Orchestra and Hit La Rosa from Peru are just a few of the amazing, “globe-spanning stars” that will be performing at this year’s festival. PVDFest will also have plenty of local flavors, from PVD schools’ music groups to RI’s Kung Fu and Lion Dance Club, which always inspires the crowd. The locally-curated Burnside Park Stage, which is set up within Kennedy Plaza, will bring a line-up of more local bands and performers, including RISA (the RI Songwriters Association) singer-songwriters, rockers AquaCherry, hip-hop crew #MVTHACROWD and more local favorites including Guess Method, Salem Wolves, No Exit Four, the Benji’s, Vudu Sister and military brass band Coyote Brass.

To make an already impressive festival even better, organizers have brought the Squonk “Hand to Hand” performance to Providence. This performance is a mesmerizing, humorous performance that ties together music and visual arts and features moving hand sculptures the size of small buildings. Kathleen Pletcher, executive director of FirstWorks, is beyond excited to have Squonk in Providence: “PVDFest street spectacles create indelible memories – this year, long-time FirstWorks favorite Squonk will blow us all away with a rock opera featuring animated sculptural hands as big as a house! It is all un-missable!” Squonk brought a rock show with a blimp to PVD in 2012, and has been back with a 40-foot-high “Lady Pneumatica” in 2015 and a bicycle-gymnastics-rock-show hybrid in 2018. This is expected to be their most hands-on performance to date.


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