Hands from Heaven: Athena’s Home Novelties saves your dry hands

Last year, hand sanitizer was a popular not-really-a-joke gift. This year, you can make up for it with a locally produced and sold magic hand formula.

Dry, chapped hands can be painful, especially during the COVID era of extra handwashing and sanitizing. 

Instead of grabbing some chemical-filled concoction from the local drugstore, if you’re looking to buy an antidote for your giftee’s parched palms, grab some Heavenly Hand Serum from Athena’s Home Novelties. Athena’s is a RI business based in Woonsocket, and while they specialize in adult entertainment products, their Heavenly Hand Serum has been flying off the shelves as RIers look for a more natural way to combat the wintry wind’s effects on their skin. 

The serum contains antioxidants, collagen-boosting essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. And to top it off, it smells nice, too — almond and pumpkin oils blend nicely with rosemary extract for a delicate, woodsy scent. 

It’s a way for Santa to soothe brittle mittens before the worst of winter is here. 

You can order Athena’s Home Novelties Heavenly Hand Serum online at