Hey, Jerky!

What do you get for the foodie who’s tried it all? The answer is easy: gourmet jerky from The Newport Jerky Company! This Aquidneck Island cult favorite turns out homemade salad dressings, salsas, jams and more, but you gotta come in for the creative and **ahem** unique selection of jerkies! Sure, you could always go for the classic Beer Beef Jerky, marinated in Rhody Narragansett Lager, but if you’re looking for something a little bit more off the beaten path, sink your teeth into quirky selections like alligator, Moroccan octopus, and even Camel jerky! Not willing to go THAT far? No worries! Their house made Elk Jerky toes the line between classic and creative, and is one of their best sellers. I’m not a jerky gal by any means, but I loved the melt-in-your-mouth tenderness and unforgettable savory flavor. There’s even vegan coconut jerky, which hits all the right sweet and spicy notes with toppings like Ginger Teriyaki and Chili Lime. Pop into their adorable flagship store in downtown Newport; the rustic trappings perfectly set the mood for purchasing carnivorous delights, and the friendly and knowledgeable salespeople will guide you through the wide selection to find the perfect gift. You’ll definitely want to take advantage of their winter mix n’ match special, where you can select three jams, salsas, or dressings for a mere $25. I highly recommend the “Toe Jam,” which sounds weird, but is actually a scrumptious blend of tangerine, orange and elderberry (Get it? T O E? …I’ll show myself out).

Newport Jerky Company, 123 Swinburne Row, Newport.


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