The SENE at the Limelight Party

John and Betty Jane Berberian (front row) Anthony Demings, Mike Ryan

The organizers of SENE, the 7th annual Southeast New England Film, Music, and Arts Festival, honored individuals who have made outstanding contributions to promoting the arts. This took place during the Limelight Party, which was held Thurs, April 23, at the Warwick Museum of Art. Among the honorees were John and Betty Jane Berberian, owners of the Columbus Theatre in Providence; Mike Ryan, Motif‘s publisher, and Anthony Demings, owner of the Brooklyn Coffee Tea House.

The Columbus Theatre was one of the main venues for this year’s festival. Motif prides itself on promoting art of all kinds in RI. The Brooklyn Coffee Tea House, recently rebranded as Rhodywood, hosts film critique nights for directors, in addition to musical performances. It also has been used as a location for many independent film productions.

The Limelight Party featured performances by musicians Lindsay Adler and Jefferson Thomas. Adler is a composer, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist who performs a combination of celtic, jazz, and modern folk music. Her new CD is called Spirals of Love. Thomas performs indie rock and alternative country. His new acoustic CD, The Yale Sessions, was released last fall.


The SENE festival began Mon, April 20, and ended on Sat, April 25.