Local Band; Violent Sons Get Signed to Record Label

By: Khrysta Ryan

Newest addition to the Providence hardcore punk scene, Violent Sons got signed to Bridge Nine Records early July. In late 2013 members from local acts Verse, Raindance and Suicide Pact got together for a collaboration resulting in Violent Sons. Using their past experiences to relate to one another, the guys thought this combination of musicians would be the perfect outlet for a, “therapeutic experience.” Members of the band felt as though something was missing from their lives.


Violent Sons are veterans in the hardcore punk scene in Providence and Mass; most of the members having been in the scene since the early 2000s. The new group  is paving its way with their own twist on what Verse and Raindance have already done. A more powerful punk influence creates the new sound that Violent Sons debut LP; Nothing As It Seems gets across  Quoted from Bridge Nine Records, Violent Sons’ lead vocalist Sean Murphy’s “exasperated, incensed sociopolitical frustration” pulls the record together.



Without any merch and only one track up on their Bandcamp page that hasn’t stopped Violent Sons from playing shows.  “It was nice to just get up there and blast through our set with minimal knowledge of who we are as an introduction of our band,” Murphy explained, wanting to give people a live first impression. “We started this band to write cohesive music without boundaries.” Incorporating a wide spectrum of music, Violent Sons have less interest in “sticking to any particular template.”


Bridge Nine quickly picked up this band, after having signed Verse in the past. This semi- secretive project with the record company  was just released to the public only a week ago on the July 2 Although it was just recently announced, the band has been playing local shows around New England for a few months now. Bridge Nine released digital copies of the Violent Sons LP on July 8. Physical copies will be released in early September with pre order at

Bridge Nine Records is a Massachusetts based record label, moving progressively in the right direction since 1995. Owner Chris Wrenn began putting out 7’ vinyl of his favorite local bands, supporting the cost by selling shirts, patches and stickers. The idea slowly expanded turning Bridge Nine into what it is today. Bridge Nine welcomes Violent sons to the label. This Providence band joins national acts, New Found Glory, H20, Have Heart and Ceremony, in the Bridge Nine family.