HxC: Busy Spring Leads to Busy Summer

Apr 21 The Met Balance and Composure, From Indian Lakes, Queen of Jeans
Apr 23 Firehouse 13 Degrader, In Depths & Tides, Values, Sedatives, Proxies
Apr 29 AS220 Empty Vessels, I Am Become Death, Worst Days, Implosion Crusade
May 23 AS220 Iron Lung, Woundman, V-Sect, Hardware
May 24 Firehouse 13 Gideon, Invent Animate, Ghost Key, The Worst of Us

The next few months in PVD are full of shows featuring great local acts. Each year, spring seems to be a teaser for the major tours that come through the city in the summer. This year is no different and most venues are hosting some of the local favorites.

On April 29, AS220 is hosting one killer show with locals from all over Rhode Island. Empty Vessels is a longtime favorite in PVD along with I Am Become Death, Worst Days and Implosion Crusade. Each band takes noise to a whole new level, leaving their audience always expecting something crazy and different each time.

Leading up to the month of June, Gideon will be taking the stage at Firehouse 13 on May 24. Although they aren’t exactly punk or hardcore, they put on a great performance and are definitely worth a listen.


With the summer being right at the tip of our finger tips, we are in for some great shows come June and July! Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming tours from big acts and all the locals.