The White Panda at Lupo’s

pandaOn Wednesday, December 30, Cali-based mashup duo The White Panda (TWP) graced the stage at Lupo’s for the fifth time, and they did not disappoint. When I caught up with Tom, AKA Procrast, one half of TWP, a few weeks back, he told me to expect a sweaty, confetti and high energy-infused party at the Providence stop of their new tour (in support of their new album, The Pawprint), and that’s just what we got.

When I arrived at the venue at 9, I was immediately struck by what I found myself a part of — opening act Witt Lowry (a Connecticut rapper) was still on, but already the party was in full effect. The place was packed with turnt (and, suffice to say, plurnt), college-aged kids doing the damn thing.

Admittedly, as a 25-year-old quasi-veteran of this scene, I felt a little out of place. But once I started vibing to the uber-charismatic Lowry (a Connecticut-based rapper) as he absolutely murdered his set, I felt much more comfortable in the crowd. I was impressed by his flow, craycray display of energy, and command of the wild audience. I also felt grateful to be exposed to a new (to me, anyway) artist that I really enjoyed seeing perform (yet might’ve skipped over if he’d popped up on my Pandora previously). In my opinion, this is what seeing live shows is all about.

When TWP hit the stage around 10:30, they wasted no time (or LED lights, fog, mixes and dancing, for that matter) popping shit (further) off. The dapper duo (dressed in matching white-on-white shirt-and-tie ensembles, plus their signature LED panda masks) leveraged (and built upon) the killer vibes conjured by openers Witt Lowry and DJ Gnash to create an almost unrestrained atmosphere, complete with solid crowd engagement and, I’ll say it: bangers.

The best way that I could describe my relationship with TWP’s set (and for that matter, their entire catalog) is this: To me, they make every track they sample “sing,” even tracks that I don’t enjoy on their own. Examples at Lupo’s included Pompeii’s “Bastille” and Adele’s “Hello.” These guys certainly know how to throw a party!