Made To Be Broken

Marijuana prohibition isn’t the most ridiculous law on the books in Rhode Island, and these questions will test your knowledge of the laws that are. Knowing the right answer just might keep you out of jail!

Next time you ride the trolley, whatever you do, do not throw this liquid (do we even have fucking trolleys?).

ANSWER: Pickle juice. It is illegal to throw pickle juice when riding on a trolley. That’s oddly specific, isn’t it? One must wonder if there was a phenomenon of people assaulting each other with pickle juice in old time Rhode Island.


If a man slaps you in the face with a glove, turn the other cheek to avoid breaking the law, because this practice is illegal in good ol’ RI.

ANSWER: Dueling.

You can marry your cousin, you can marry your friend, you can marry that guy everybody thinks is wrong for you, just don’t marry one of these.

ANSWER: An idiot. Rhode Island law makes it illegal to marry a lunatic or an idiot.

When passing a car on the left, don’t forget to do this or you might break the law.

ANSWER: When passing on the left, you are required by law to make a loud noise. A horn will do. So will fart sounds, profanity or yelling Marco Polo, as long as you yell it loud.

Don’t bite off more than you can chew might be another way of stating this bizarro Rhode Island law. What are you not supposed to bite off?

ANSWER: Rhode Island law states you must not bite off someone’s limb. We’re talking to you, Jeffrey Dahmer. Don’t come to Rhode Island. We don’t cotton to your kind here.