Bright Days Ahead

Your Future Is Bright, a children’s book written by local author Corey Finkle and gorgeously illustrated by Shelley Couvillion, is an inspiring piece of work that follows children discovering a world of possibilities as they explore who they want to be when they grow up.

Finkle recalled that as a child, he sometimes found the idea of the future frightening and wrote this book to help assuage the fears of kids who look to adulthood with trepidation. “The idea was to make a book that could sit on the shelf next to Oh, The Places You’ll Go!, but be more reflective of our time,” he said.

Couvillion’s illustrations provide further comfort to kids by depicting the powerful relationship they have with their caregivers as they navigate growing up. “She’s perfect for this book,” Finkle said. “She somehow was able to capture the true love, affection and joy that exists between grown-ups and kids.”


Your Future is Bright will be available on April 13, and signed copies will be available at Books on the Square in Providence (