Mark Fogarty

Here’s What You’re Missing!: Local podcast explores cultural blindspots

I sat down with Tony Pacitti and Matt Ferrara at the What Cheer Writer’s Club podcasting studio, right before they were about to record their latest episode of “What Did We Miss?,” A pop-culture podcast that’s smart and well-researched, and takes a much-needed optimistic approach to art and culture in a time where people will […]

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Call of the Dirtbag Left: Chapo Trap House are gaming on stage in PVD

The massively popular podcast Chapo Trap House often references Lovecraft in their recordings about politics. Because what better describes American politics than an ancient leviathan that lives underground, will someday wipe out all there is, and offers humanity zero hope of overcoming it?  For those uninitiated, Chapo Trap House is the vanguard of the “dirtbag […]

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Frank Underwood vs Donald Trump: Who’s More Evil?

Netflix’s “House of Cards” season 4 premiered today, and it got me thinking about Frank Underwood. He seems downright charming and harmless compared to the rogues gallery of Batman villains gracing the Republican debate stage, especially Donald Trump. I began to ponder, who is more evil — Donald Trump or the fictional character Frank Underwood, […]

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