Moderna Love: If only we could vaccinate against stupidity

A Bunch of Pricks

There is a saying that you can never underestimate the stupidity of the American people.

Nowhere has this been more apparent than in the refusal of many US citizens to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

Call Phillipe and Jorge wild and crazy guys for deciding that getting inoculated against a virus that can kill you is a good idea. After all, who should be alarmed that we have lost more than half a million good souls to this pandemic scourge?

To put it as politely as possible (at least for P&J), people who are refusing to get vaccinated are morons. They are endangering not just themselves, but people with whom they come in contact, especially if they are asymptomatic and believe all is flowers and sunshine.

The excuses these clowns use are almost laughable: This is ploy by Big Pharma to make lotsabucks, they are being used as guinea pigs/lab rats, they are too healthy to succumb, it’s a government plot to get chips inserted into their bodies that can track them forever, medical advisors have money invested in the companies selling the vaccines.

But the most absurd of these hare-brained arguments is that people are defending their freedom of liberty/independence, choose one, (those idiots can’t tell from lightning from a lightning bug, apologies, Mr. Twain) on their personal grounds. Good, be the next Typhoid Mary. Remember that little annoyance called polio? No, most of you don’t because it never crossed your path, thanks to massive anti-polio vaccinations on young children in the 1950s. P. remembers going to third grade with a wonderful guy named Ross who was already on crutches and a walker because he didn’t get his polio shots in time. His affliction was avoidable, not due to parental neglect, but because they didn’t show up to give him his pricks in the arm when needed.

So go get your freedom, however insanely you project that to be, but now you are just not putting the gun to your head, but to the many others who are trying to dodge COVID like someone running across Broadway in New York City at rush hour, hoping not to get splattered onto the curb by a taxi.

So grow up. And think. And get vaccinated, you self-absorbed and delusional a-holes. You are a threat to us all.

The Sound of Silence

“I heard the news today, oh boy…”

There is a measurable amount of less stress and more relaxation for anyone who cares now that the most incompetent and deranged president the public chose to elect in its entire history has had his fire hose of hatred banned from Twitter, his political lifeline.

While not grabbing women’s private parts and cheating on all three of his wives, he must be squirming like an eel at Mar A Lago, no more so than when the apartment and office of his alcoholic “personal attorney,” he of the dripping hair dye, Rudy Giuliani, were hit with an FBI bust-in search and seizure.

The lack of grifter Trump’s triumphant and usually untrue bloviating pronouncements (When do we get the check from Mexico to pay for that wall, big guy?), turned the daily news cycle into a non-stop assault on our sense and intelligence. (Provided you had an IQ higher than 50). 

So now the media can take cheap shots at President Biden, when a year ago all they could do with The Donald was bend over and grab their ankles. Aiding and abetting, we believe they would call it in court.

Blame the media as much as the Orange Menace. They have been complicit in his popularity among the deranged.

Witless White Boys

Phillipe & Jorge missed WWII by a few years, yet we still remember what the Third Reich did; therefore, the idea that some morons pasted posters all over Warren and Bristol featuring pictures of the mustachioed menace, Adolph Hitler, is beyond repugnant. We’ve always considered Bristol to be the home of the finest Independence Day parade in the USA, not the home of a nest of Nazi sympathizers.