Molly Brenner’s “The Pleasure is Mine” is Coming to Kismet Improv

Molly Brenner used to be shy. 

When Motif caught up with Brenner, though, it was to discuss her upcoming comedy special, The Pleasure’s Mine, which chronicles her long journey to her first orgasm, among other things. 

“After college, I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life,” Brenner said. “I was in a really boring job- one of those classic right-after-college jobs where you’re putting numbers into some cell. Data entry, with a slightly exciting title. ‘Associate… of Data Entry,’ or something.” 


Brenner decided to sign up for an improv class- a move that terrified her, being a shy person- but ended up having implications much greater than just being a distraction from work. She got cast on some of the house teams at ImprovBoston before moving to New York in pursuit of a career in comedy. 

“I didn’t have an orgasm until I was 28 years old,” she said, “and before I had one, I wanted to write a show about it.” Brenner did just that, creating a show titled, “Molly Brenner Is Not Coming.” Then the winds of fortune changed for Brenner, and she had to update the show, renaming it “I’m Coming.” It was this version that she took to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Orlando Fringe Festival and several others.

Her currently touring show, “The Pleasure’s Mine,” references her orgasm journey, but also looks at pleasure more broadly. “It’s an hour of comedy about everything that feels good,” Brenner said. “Vacations, food, drugs, all things in life that are easy and fun, but I’m a weirdo that can’t always enjoy them.” 

How did she go from the shy girl to sharing her orgasm story with thousands? “I love the catharsis of comedy,” she said. “Exposure therapy helped. I got on stage enough times to be a much less shy person now- I love finding the humor in my experiences.”  

“Anyone who has trouble enjoying things would enjoy this show- especially anyone who can relate to a story about having trouble having an orgasm,” Brenner said. “I think pleasure is a fun topic, so anyone who wants to listen to sex-positive comedy will love this.”

Molly Brennan’s “The Pleasure is Mine” comes Nov 13 at 9:30pm to Kismet Improv, 1005 Main Street, Pawtucket. General admission is $15. Buy tickets at