November Roots Report: Giving Thanks for Shows

Okee dokee folks… ‘Tis the season… to save DEMOCRACY! Hopefully you vote(d) and things work(ed) in democracy’s favor! I also hope that RI stays a smart, mostly Democratic, somewhat progressive place to live.

November is turning out to be a bit of a busy month for shows. Things are nearly 100% back to normal but I would take precautions if you are one to be out and about in crowds. People are still getting COVID. It has not gone away. Folks just got tired of it and it fell from front page news but it is “Far From Over” (cue Frank Stallone’s song). Winter is coming. I heard that only 6% of people have gotten the new Covid vaccine. REALLY??? I got my 5th Covid shot a couple of weeks ago — the new, improved, super-duper, bivalent booster. On top of that I got a flu shot for the first time, at the same time. The only effect for me was a sore arm from the double jab. I had Covid and have known people who died from it It is not fun and scientists are still finding out things about the long-term affects. I still have residual brain fog months later. Do yourself a favor and get the bivalent booster! Read on…

Most people think of Stevie Nicks as the star of Fleetwood Mac but that is not entirely true. There would have been no Stevie without Lindsay Buckingham. When Fleetwood Mac invited Lindsay to join the band, they only wanted a guitar player, but he wouldn’t join without his then girlfriend, Stevie Nicks. Buckingham was the genius behind the sound that shaped the new FM line-up. Unfortunately his talent was overshadowed by Nicks’ witchy ways and she got most of the glory. But just remember, when Lindsay left Fleetwood Mac it took TWO talented guitar players to fill his shoes. If you recognize the brilliance of Buckingham you will want to see him in concert and he will be bringing his show to the Garde Theatre in New London, CT on Thursday, Nov 10. If you have never been to the Garde it is less than an hour from Providence, very easy to get to and even easier to park! Don’t be such a Rhode Islander and miss this show! Others coming up: Indigo Girls, Cherish The Ladies, The Buddy Holly Story and more. “Holiday Road” to


Another of my obsessively watched Netflix comedians is Tom Segura. Again, his Completely Normal, Mostly Stories, Disgraceful, and Ball Hog comedy specials are highly amusing. He is coming to PVD on Nov 17. Limber up those stomach muscles because they are going to be sore from laughing! Just for laughs get over to:

11/11/22 apears to be a popular date for concerts this year. So many shows, so little time. And space. Ready? Go! Bright Eyes with Hurray For The Riff Raff will be at the Strand Theatre on Nov 11 ( Stanley Jordan Plays Jimi (Hendrix) eat The Greenwich Odeum on Nov 11.( Jim Messina is at The Narrows Center for The Arts on Nov 11. ( I need to triplicate myself to get to all of them!

Also happening at The Narrows is The Music of Michael Troy Concert. Troy was a beloved local singer-songwriter who passed away a few years back. These concerts have served as the fundraiser for the Michael Troy Memorial Music Foundation. ( The 7th annual concert will be held on Sunday, Nov 13 beginning at 1pm. There will be performances by Danielle Miraglia, Matt Borello, Joan Akin, Tom Smith, Redfish with Gary Fish and Steve Redfern, Johnny Botello, Mike Corriea, Louis Leeman, Jeri Karam Kozak, The Laureanno Brothers, and the Durfee Quintet. The Music of Michael Troy concerts are organized to carry on Troy’s legacy of storytelling through music Funds from the event are allocated by the foundation to help further support the music and the performance programs at Durfee High School, Troy’s alma mater.

Newport Live is continuing to bring great music to Newport and Jamestown. Coming up is former RI resident, Erin McKeown, on Nov 19, and SXSW artist, Alisa Amador on Dec 3. Both shows will begin at 7pm and be held at the Jamestown Arts Center, 18 Valley Street in Jamestown. On Dec 10, Sean Rowe with Mary-Elaine Jenkins will close out the Newport Live fall season at LaFarge Arts Center, 73 Pelham Street in Newport. For more, a-quid-neck to

Yay! I have surpassed the 50 podcast mark! I hope you are listening and enjoying them. I sure enjoy making them! Listen here: Also, you can find my concert photographs at That’s it for now. Thanks for reading.