On the Cover

On the Cover: June 2022

For this Summer Guide, Motif recruited one of our favorite cover artists — Zoë Anderson –– to paint us a panorama of the perfect summer: one far away from resurging COVID-19 rates, high gas prices and long lines at the Del’s stand. 

“I kinda went off of things that I like to do during the summer. I like swimming and camping.” 

It was important for Anderson to also shout-out her subtle homage to Pride Month. Look closely and you’ll see for yourself. “I definitely wanted to include some pride flags here and there,” she shared.  

Anderson did disclose that this idyllic scene is more an invention of her imagination than any specific geography (though if any adventure-seekers want to head out into the woods of Exeter and try to find it, we are in). “I drew a lot of inspiration from Pinterest,” she said. Sure, Zoë, sure. 

We asked Anderson what she was up to this summer, and she told us she was headed to Firefly Arts Collective, which seems pretty much like a Vermont version of Burning Man, followed by a camping trip to New Hampshire. 

We noticed that Anderson included a cat in the tent. “I think it’s cool when people take their cats camping, but I don’t think Silver or Apricot would be up for it,” Anderson said. While Motif could not confirm by press time, we are nearly certain that Silver and Apricot would agree.