Pin Up: Kelsey Underwood

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Finish this sentence: April showers …
Bring May flowers? Well yeah, but I’m hoping for sunny days and my feet in the sand.


Which season is your favorite and why?
The summer! I love being outside, going for hikes, fishing, kayaking, biking, swimming… Cookouts with friends and lounging on the beach! I mean what’s not to love about the summer, driving around with the windows down; listening to some good music! Summertime and the livings’ easy!

Favorite book?
Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. During my month-long travels to Bali, Indonesia, Cairns and Australia I read this book. It opened my eyes to a lot, I felt connected to the woman who wrote the story! If you’re embarking on a solo travel around the world, pick up a copy – you won’t regret it!

Favorite TV show?
“Power!” It’s a crazy good show… let’s just say I’m addicted and binge watching! Definitely worth a watch.

Favorite movie?
Inception! Such an intense movie, and it makes you think. Plus Leonardo DiCaprio isn’t so bad to look at, if you know what I mean 😉

Do you have an opinion on cannabis legalization? (this is our cannabis issue)
My opinion is this. As a society, “we” consume alcohol, aspartame, tobacco, nicotine, high fructose corn syrup … the list goes on. So why is it legal to consume so many harmful things but not cannabis which has been proven to help with certain health issues and can bring in revenue? All in all, I’m for the legalization of cannabis!

What does Lang’s have going on this month?
All of April is Autism Awareness Month – we are selling Blue Autism Bracelets for $2 each and all proceeds are going to the cause, we are also doing Roundup for Autism on all of our guest checks! April 19th we are hosting a Girls Night Out for Autism Awareness in the Nelson Event Center, and April 21st we have the Strike Out Sarcoma Fundraiser. We always have something going on, whether we’re supporting a great cause, hosting events, live music or black light bowling with a DJ.