Pin-up Lola Sugarbottom

What do you never leave home without?  A big ol’ smile and flask of tequila! 
What’s your favorite flavor of ‘Gansett?  I was really digging the Shandy this summah, now I’m feeling the Coffee Milk Stout. Autocrat and ‘Gansett made magic in a can.
What’s your favorite book? Anything David Sedaris, that man makes me giggle!  I highly recommend you listen to his audiobooks, it takes it to 11 when he narrates!
What’s your favorite movie? Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory hands down!  Alas, my wallpaper was never the lickable sort.
Do you have a quote you live by?  I’m a shooting star leaping through the skies like a tiger defying the laws of gravity…   
Are you making any resolutions this year?  I prefer mottos to resolutions, it gives you something to strive towards.  More cupcakes 2015! 
Polar plunges — yes or no?  Oh yes! I’ve been known to freeze my cupcakes off!