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Miss Management

The British have a phrase about general ineptitude, that “they couldn’t organize a piss-up in a brewery.”

It appears the Raimondo administration is falling into that category.


We have been treated to “Cooler and Warmer” and the UHIP debacle. Now it is revealed that because of missed deadlines for responding to legal demands, the state could be on the hook for millions of dollars in fines. Not only will these come out of the taxpayers’ pockets, but they could throw the entire state budget into a train wreck situation. And what makes it even more appalling is that the lawyers supposedly in charge of meeting the court deadlines are not even licensed to practice law in Little Rhody. The best and the brightest, indeed.

Governor Gigi appeared clueless about all these things. Maybe it’s time for her to consider a job managing a Burger King, if she could even run that well. Instead, she continues to race out of the Biggest Little to shake down donors to her campaign, especially her bosom buddies on Wall Street.

This total lack of oversight and management shows what’s wrong with Gigi’s administration. She hires a bunch of cronies to do grind-it-out duties they want no part of.

Gigi also seemed to have missed Harry Truman’s very responsible and correct edict that “The buck stops here.” That is, on the top man or woman’s desk. But Gigi runs away every time there is a screw-up, instead putting the blame on her underlings. No, Gigi, you are the ultimate party to blame, so suck it up and take responsibility.

Unfortunately, despite her annoying campaign ads, it is unlikely she will lose the next election, due to the lack of quality challengers to her throne. Incompetence is its own reward.

Is This How It’s Done?

A couple of front page articles in The Providence Journal in recent weeks indicated to your superior correspondents that there is a way to live like an incredibly wealthy person without having to go through the trouble of actually earning a lot of money. One article was about GOP gubernatorial candidate and former CEO of Benrus, Giovanni Feroce. This story, reported and written by the estimable Amandas Milkovits, ran on June 12, 2018. Benrus was described as a “failed company,” yet, somehow, for a number of years, Feroce lived in an opulent estate in Newport. Feroce and his former lawyer, Michael F. Sweeney, are embroiled in a lawsuit involving such elements as who actually owns (or owned) the Benrus trademark.
Both Feroce and Sweeney were living high on the hog without actually making any money. All of Benrus’ business dealings apparently were done by having work for the company done on credit with promises to pay back their creditors. Is this the person you want to be the Biggest Little’s next chief executive?
On June 15, 2018, there was an Associated Press story in The Journal on U.S. President Donald Trump’s apparent misuse of charity funds through the non-profit Trump Foundation. Since El Presidente will not release his tax information, we have no idea where all the money he spends actually comes from and if it was earned by doing something of actual value. Our suspicion is that the source of most of his “wealth” is borrowed money, fronted by banks speculating that there will be a big payoff for them some day.
So folks, that’s the way to live like a king in the US: by merely shifting money around. As Jorge’s grandmother used to say, “Idn’t that cunnin’.” So the trick in the Yahoo Capitalist present day seems to be to become a big-time liar and thief, and do it all with borrowed money. And it appears to be getting worse for all of us who are part of the hard-working, honest public.
Yeah the economy is doing well, but what is “the economy”? It’s rather obvious that neither you nor P&J are part of it. Sleep tight, Planet Earth.

With the start of the World Cup, Phillipe and Jorge are reminded of one of the funniest things we have seen from the fans.

Years ago, one of the opening matches was between Scotland and Russia. There is a famous photo of the hard-partying Scottish fans going to the stadium with a big banner that read, “Alcoholism versus Communism.” Doesn’t get any better than that kind of sense of humor.

(This year’s best World Cup chuckle: Uruguay’s team has a player named Jose Jimenez. For those of certain years who remember the Bill Dana character, it’s a hoot every time they mention his name. But he’s not an astronaut.)


Creep Show

If President Pussy Grabber isn’t repulsive enough on his own, what a great idea to bring in Phantom of the Opera manqué and creepiest person on the planet, Rudy Giuliani, to be his lawyer and spokesperson, whether he knows what he’s talking about or not.guliani


Giuliani looks like a bad version of Klaus Kinski in Nosferatu, save for Count Dracula’s better manners. If this is the face of America to the rest of the world, we’re in trouble.