Phillipe & Jorge’s Cool, Cool World: The Good News, the Bad News, the Local News

The Good News 

A few articles in the Friday, March 9, New York Times gave Phillipe & Jorge reason to believe that the patriarchal culture in a number of countries may be crumbling. International Women’s Day (March 8) gave rise to feminist groups in Spain urging women to spend no money on that day and and also to ignore chores and go on “domestic strike.” One hundred and twenty demonstrations throughout Madrid featured women banging pots and pans and shouting slogans. Spanish television had extensive coverage of the actions that protested the wide gap in pay between men and women.
There were similar activities in England, France and Italy, while, in the Philippines, women crowded the streets to denounce the President, Rodrigo Duterte. In China, female students at Tsinghua University led protests against President Xi Jinping’s suspension of term limits in a move to stay in power indefinitely. Women marched in Kabul and Afghanistan, and in Seoul, South Korea, there were also women-led protests and rallies. In Argentina, social activists called on women to go on strike.
It may only be a beginning, but these indications of a worldwide awakening heartened your superior correspondents. Positive news, indeed.

The Bad News

Reports from around the world trace the travels of former Breitbart and Trump operative, Steve Bannon, as he heads to numerous European capitals to stir up fascist elements. This guy appears to be a freelance international agent of evil. We people who oppose hatred and movements that thrive on separatism and divisiveness have our work cut out for us. That a United States citizen is the poster boy for such movements in so many places is more than disgusting. And yet, there are still people who look at the current President of the United States and the cast of characters he has introduced and say, “But he’s better than Hillary.” This is not about conservative vs. liberal anymore, folks. Woe is us.
Record and Memorabilia Collectors Unite
In just a few short weeks there will be another meeting of The Original Southern New England Rock ‘n’ Roll Collectors Convention. It’s set for Sunday, March 18, at the new permanent location for the convention, the Ramada Hotel in  Seekonk on Taunton Ave (next to Tasca Ford). All 50 tables have been sold, and hopefully, the worst of the winter weather is behind us, and we’ll have a nice day for the show. Dr. Oldie himself has recovered from his recent accident, and will be returning to his usual spot. The usual details: Doors open at 10 and close at 3. Admission is still only three bucks (exact change always appreciated), and early admission begins at 8:30am for $10. So, if you’ve been suffering from cabin fever, this is your big chance to have something to do.

RIP, Louis Vinagro

The well-known hog farmer and recycler will be at the Legends table for Sunday brunch at the Hades Retirement Villa with Sal Mancini, Buddy Cianci and Frank “Bobo” Marapese. The Villa is a Richard Baccari development.

In the early 1990s, Jorge used to do an afternoon drive talk radio show at the highly dubious WALE-AM station where, for a while, the equally dubious pig farmer also did a show that would start after Jorge’s. He used to appear carrying his custom-made leather briefcase that was in the shape of a pig.