Phillipe & Jorge’s Cool, Cool World: Shove It!: Your superior correspondents think everyone’s getting a little pushy

The Pushy Public

Boy, the nerve of some people! Phillipe and Jorge are referring to the majority of the American public who have the audacity to demand information about perhaps the most corrupt, lying and incompetent administration in the glorious history of our great country. Pushy, pushy.

Instead, we now have all of the essentials of a banana republic, stonewalling no doubt damning information, prohibiting probably guilty people from telling the truth to Congress and keeping in power a dictator-worshiping president who is a pathological liar and a nepotistic and corrupt administration that would make a Maduro, Suharto, Duerte, Allende or Noriega weep with envy. And that’s not even including murdering African rulers who probably have a picture of Idi Amin in the living room next to one of The Donald, and are looting their national treasuries while their people starve.  So what’s the big problem? Are the trains running on time? Lighten up and welcome to the real world.


Seriously, we are seeing our finest values flushed down the gold-plated toilet of narcissistic professional liar, psychopath Donald Trump, and those who capitulate and serve him. (Take a bow, Phat Phuc AG William Barr.)

The shining light of recent days has been the appearance of James Comey, the former FBI director who was fired by the Orange Orangutan for not kissing his ring. In an interview on CBS, Comey eloquently, and with his wits together at all times, spelled out what President Groper is like. Saying talking to him is like being washed over by continual lies, he keeps on telling falsehoods until you run out of steam trying to point out Trump’s full of shit 24/7. Comey also brought up the people who do now have their lips attached to the president’s derriere, asking, as we all should, “What happened to these guys?” who used to have pride and integrity, like Phat Phuc Barr, who is now just a Trump toady (and join the crowd).

The only person who Comey exonerated was former Defense Secretary James Mattis, who quit on Trump over Syria, an unspoken “kiss my ass,” which even our dimwitted CinC could figure out. And hey, tough guy Donnie, how are those bone spurs your father paid a doctor to falsely diagnose and keep you out of the draft while Mattis was earning his way up to general in the military?

The more Trump tries to obfuscate, the more it is obvious he has plenty to hide. But then again, being honest with Americans is not his strong suit. And hats off to Red Sox manager Alex Cora, a Puerto Rican native, and a dozen of his players for giving the White House celebration of their World Series title a miss. If you needed a good reason beyond general decency, Donnie had the balls to the next day state publicly a grossly inflated – and flagrantly lying – figure about how much aid we sent to our territorial asset – and we might add, good friends.

Would someone in the media please have the balls to just use the headline ‘Trump Lies Again”? How much more proof do you need?

Boy’s Life

Warning: This is a bit on the crudish side, so if you are overtly hypersensitive to topics involving sex, stop reading now. Or go hide.

If you are the parents of a young male teen and hear slapping noises from their bedroom at night, notice their desire for a longish shower or experience them occupying the bathroom for 25 minutes, here’s why. The Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue has just come out, which is a soft porn gift to middle schoolers, and they will be yanking furiously. It’s a grand tradition.

SI has turned this into an annual media event, however, it may seem tame to connoisseurs of hard porn. And bringing back Tyra Banks this year for the cover shot is somewhat embarrassing, since the kids who are thumbing through it with wrists flailing away are young enough to be her grandchildren.

But it remains an icon to those of a certain age. And kudos and congrats to SI for including US women’s soccer team star Megan Rapinoe, P&J’s all-time fave and light years in skill above the very good other players on our national team. She puts the ball in the net, is the inspirational leader of our national team and looks hot in a bathing suit. Oops, sorry — how un-pc of us. Oh, and did we mention she’s an out lesbian?

Megan, call us. We love you.

RI Radio and Television Hall of Fame

Jorge (Rudy Cheeks), who spent 20 years working in the radio business, has been a regular attendee at the local Radio Hall of Fame induction events since they started. This year, television was added. The main reason Jorge always attends is to spend a little time with old friends he used to work with, but it’s always interesting to see who shows up.
This year there wasn’t anyone as surprising as retired Catholic bishop, Louis Gelineau (aka Jellomold) who attended a couple years back, but it was interesting and a surprise to run into Al Cerrone (whose daughter Alana was being honored this year for her work at Channel 6-TV) sitting next to film director Michael Corrente, both old friends. And indeed, it was great that Al didn’t try and relate any bad jokes to Jorge (something he’s quite renowned for). All-in-all it was another fun evening to see a lot of old friends. Although Jorge was hoping to report that someone did something exceptionally embarrassing, no such luck this year.