Philippe & Jorge’s Cool, Cool World: Towering Turd: And in its shadow lies La Prov

The  Awful Tower

Despite the protests of Phillipe and Jorge, the atrocious design of the Hope Point Tower has been approved by the I-95 Redevelopment Commission. This monstrosity that will be sited downtown next to the Providence River, on land that was supposed to preserved as a park, has been described by the developers as La Prov’s Eiffel Tower. More like Awful Tower as far as P&J are concerned.

The Awful Tower is designed to be more than 40 stories tall, which will dwarf the Capital City’s skyline. It will contain retail stores and a six-story parking garage at its base, and 40 stories of luxury housing and condominiums above. It is projected to have tenants run, not walk, to buy their fancy digs in the sky, but P&J are not optimistic. Do Davol Square and the Superman building ring any bells?

This Jetson-like structure is a potential white elephant, and while we do not see the Awful Tower as being a centerpiece attraction, as opposed to a hideous eyesore, we will keep our fingers crossed for the fate of Our Little Towne.


Stormy Weather

Allow us to share with you our pet peeve of the week: How TV weather people, who probably wish to be called “meteorologists,” but not in this space, tell us what we have to wear each day depending upon their (often incorrect) forecasts.

Now this might seem like a good idea to TV people, but to P&J it is the height of arrogance and maddening pretension. It seems each and every weather update has to include a list of what you or your children at the bus stop should be wearing that day. So if the sun is out on a hot day, we are told to don sunglasses and t-shirts. If it’s cold, please put on your sweatshirt or sweater, is their incredibly prescient advice. Oh, and boots if it’s snowing. You’re welcome.

What makes this a bête noir for P&J is that by giving the public this incredibly astute advice they are assuming their viewers are absolute morons. Although this is the guiding principal of most TV executives. Years ago, Phillipe moderated a panel on TV news at URI for journalism students and the public, one of whose panel members was the news director at WPRI-Channel 12. At one point, in response to a question, he bluntly replied, “We think our viewers are dumb as shit.” This made the crowd gasp, although P. impolitely and immediately burst out laughing — because he knew it was the unvarnished truth. That philosophy still holds true.

So P&J would pull TV viewers’ coats with this incisive bit of information: When you get up in the morning, look outside your window. And if you can’t figure out what might be the smart things to be wearing that day when you venture out, you need more serious help than a TV weatherbot.

P&J on Cable Public Access

Well, Jorge, anyway. Jorge was recently taped for an appearance on the “Tommy Rocket Show” for Vo Dilun’s public access TV channel. The interview was conducted by co-hosts Tommy Rocket and Peter Phipps (the former Providence Journal reporter). Among the topics discussed are the Cool, Cool World column. The show runs on various days and times and is subsequently uploaded to YouTube. For those who are curious but know little about the history of P&J, you’ll find this show interesting.

Latest Trends Among Borderline Lunatics

Your superior correspondents were watching an NBC television newscast where there was a report about new white supremacist trends. Apparently, putting your thumb and forefinger in a circle (a signal that formerly meant “okay”) is now a sign of white supremacist solidarity and an old-fashioned bowl hairdo is a new white supremacist look. 

While these alleged trends are pretty nuts, that they might replace older white supremacist behaviors like blowing on one’s forearm to make a flatulence sound or flapping your arms wildly by your sides as a modified dance move, may be a blessing of sorts.