Award Winner

Poppy’s Waffles: All Weather Warrior

Steve Gilman, the Owner of Poppy’s Waffles, went home with the Motif Food Truck All Weather Warrior Award for his dedication to the food truck trade. No matter the month—even in the dead of winter—fans of Poppy’s Waffles have enjoyed his gourmet treats. 

Gilman’s menu items—his favorite being the banana nut waffle with caramel whipped cream—are often inspired by events in his life. The waffles, he says, “bring me back to my younger days working in a bakery. You create something people enjoy, and make them smile when they eat it.” Gilman also sells kettle corn out of his truck, inspired by his and his wife’s favorite snack at Fenway Park. “We always got kettle corn and enjoyed it, so we knew it would be a hit.” 

The Poppy’s Waffles namesake is actually Gilman’s father-in-law, Peter. Gilman explained that he and his wife always called Peter Poppy, and that Poppy loved working in the business. 


Gilman was clear about what keeps him going: “If the people want to come out and eat, I’m willing to be there to serve them, and put a smile on their face with some good food.” 
Gilman also just informed us that after four years in the food truck biz, he’s planning to retire down to North Carolina, and he’s taking Poppy’s with him. While we wish a big congratulations to Gilman, let this be a reminder to all of the Rhode Island waffle-lovers out there: Poppy’s Waffles is headed south on I-95 soon, so strike while the (waffle) iron is hot!

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