PRD: Looking Toward the Derby Extravaganza

The year continues to be an uphill battle for the derby girls of PVD, but they refuse to throw in the towel as they are less than a month away from the East Coast Derby Extravaganza being held June 19 – 21 in Feasterville, Penn. It’s already been announced that during the weekend the Riveters take on the Lansing Derby Vixens (#101) and the DC Rollergirls (#58).

May featured two tough bouts for PVD. On May 16 in Yonkers, NY, the Riveters faced Suburbia (#81). By halftime, both teams were neck and neck with 61 points each. In the end, the Suburbian Brawl stretched out a lead and took the win 198-141.

On May 30, PVD had more luck with the double header here at home. The scoreboard for PRD and the Green Mountain Derby Dames (#74) stayed at pace.  Green Mountain maintained the lead at halftime 90-42, and closed out with a final victory of 149-109. However, the second bout was a very needed PRD victory as the Rocky Point Rollers exchanged leads with Connecticut’s Yankee Brutals. Both teams played for all the points they could get, but Rocky Point picked up the big win 184-168.

PRD now begins the preparations for the ECDX in Penn, but will close out June with another game at home! The next double header will feature two teams from the Ithaca League of Women Rollers on June 27. The Riveters will take on the SufferJets, and the Killah Bees with go up against the BlueStockings at the Meehan Auditorium at Brown University. Tickets are available at