Riveters Roll Through Granite State in First Home Game

Some of the most exciting roller derby bouts are the ones that have a very close score, and the April 2 bout pitting (#101) Providence Roller Derby’s Rhode Island Riveters against (#126) Granite State All Stars was a prime example of this!

The bout at the West Warwick Civic Center kicked off already neck and neck; however, GS pulled ahead in small increments, with PRD chasing for the entire 30 minutes of the first half. In the last few jams, PRD held off GS and gained 17 more points, which lead to the 57-71 halftime score.

GS pulled ahead in the second half, only to lose their steam due to excessive track-cut and multiplayer block penalties.  This gave PRD the opportunity to gain a strong lead after eight grand slams (full five-point scores). Toward the end, GS tried to come back, but PRD would take their first win this season 137-130!

Of those 137 points, #350 Susie Homewrecker scored 40 of those points, with #32 Shots of Petrone (29 pts) and #12 Varla Gunz (23 pts) as well for the Riveters. #333 Boots dominated with 62 points for Granite State and co-captain #100 TazSlamian Devil picking up 47 points herself.

Defensive highlights of PRD goes to both #00 Puma Thurman, whom took MVP for Blocker, and the triple threat of #26 Shreddy Roosevelt, #1860 Trannie Oakley, and co-captain  #83 Delta Bravo, a unit that worked solid in the second half.  Not to be forgotten was #12 Lil Sumpin’ of GS, a slender-framed, hard hitting blocker.

PRD’s Riveters and Killah Bees will be away in Washington, DC, April 16-17 taking on (#73) Burning River and (#82) DC’s teams, but they will return on Saturday, April 30 at William H Thayer Arena in Warwick battling (#97) Suburbia’s Suburban Brawl and Backyard Bullies in a double header. Tickets and information can be found on!