Rorschach State: Taking a look at gerry-meandering districts

Every ten years, the US Census Bureau is responsible for counting everyone in America. And every ten years, America’s cantankerous cartographers dust off their credentials and get their hands dirty creating house and senate district maps that are relatively even in population, so that no one representative in government has more constituents than their colleagues. As it turns out, people do move around from time to time. 

While the districts may be equal in population, they aren’t equal in size, and they can definitely look funky as they consider neighborhoods, town boundaries and waterways as borders. Learn how your district might be changing at 

At Motif, we took a look at some of RI’s strangest-looking districts and asked: what does this look like? 

Senate Plan C: District 35

Mike: Trump bobblehead

Bradly: Johnny Bravo in retirement, with a shorter haircut and a beer belly. 

Rico: Elvis, but towards the end

Alfredo: Michael Jackson learning to moonwalk. 

House Plan A: District 18

Mike: Stork delivering a baby that’s trying to escape and has crawled from the beak to the back of the bird and is now contemplating jumping.

Rico: Plasma pistol from Halo

Bradly: A curious toucan

Alfredo: A toilet on top of a cliff

House Plan B: District 16

Mike: Beaver with a tail that got caught in a bear trap. Or a soccer player from the perspective of a ball that just got kicked.

Bradly: Squirrel with a tragic deformity

Rico: Weird Rabbit horse thing from the Dark Crystal

Alfredo: Michael Jordan dunking

House Plan C: District 9

Mike: Shaved poodle from the East Side

Rico: Long Triceratops

Bradly: Three-legged miniature schnauzer. Or a Dr. Seuss character. 

Alfredo: Thumb character from Spy Kids with his arms cut off

House Plan D: District 60

Mike: Velociraptor, possibly with a herniated disk

Bradly: Pterodactyl with a kite tail

Rico: Someone doing a Naruto run

Alfredo: A fighter jet

Senate Plan B: District 6

Rico: Earthworm Jim

Mike: Kangaroo with a crazy New Year’s hat

Bradly: The knight from Monty Python after his limbs have been removed

Alfredo: A mountain and Rafiki from Lion King holding up Simba